Conduct remote usability tests,
UX and CX research, surveys and more with Senso UX platform

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Look into user experience, digital products, landing pages and visuals.
Test websites, mobile and desktop apps, mockups and Figma, Axure, InVision prototypes (and many more). Get UX insights from your competitors’ products.

Complete UX and CX research platform

Unmoderated usability testing

What you test: Desktop websites Mobile websites Desktop software Prototypes iOS apps Android apps

Full fledged 
UX research 
in days, 
not weeks

Quickly perform usability tests that will help you identify usability issues, measure their impact on your business and find solutions.

Since there is no need to install tracking code, it is possible to test not only your products but also your competitors’.

How does it work? Just create a test and distribute a link to it to the participant of your choice. This person will first answer some introductory questions and then will be directed to a specific site, prototype or app where he/she will receive the task itself. The whole process is recorded on video with a lot of useful metadata.

Use this service if you want to:

  • Optimize user experience
  • Identify usability problems
  • Measure UX metrics

Moderated remote usability testing

What you test: Desktop websites Mobile websites Desktop software Prototypes Android apps

All the advantages of laboratory usability tests, but remotely. The geography of research is the whole world.

Tired of juggling windows and tabs during the test? And then juggle files while repeatedly watching countless test videos, after doing the test on Zoom or Skype?

Our cloud-based usability lab get you rid of this headache:

  • Research script and notes are on the same screen as the test session.
  • You can connect any number of observers. The participant will not see or hear them.
  • Video protocols, including screencast, face and voice, are saved in a form convenient for further analysis – with time codes for the tasks, voice-to-text transcription and comments tied to specific points in the video.

Start using Senso if you want to:

  1. Perform qualitative UX-research
  2. Do in-depth interviews or use other interactive research methods
  3. Start your own usability lab
  4. Perform ethnographic, social, and marketing research

Advanced surveys

For Web content  Images Landing pages

Revealing customer preferences and measuring the emotional impact of the product, first-click testing etc.

Our survey engine is specifically designed to measure and validate marketing activities, customer experience and user experience. Our tools include all usual survey features but also 5-second tests¹, first-click tests² and pairwise comparison.

Senso is ideal when you need to:

  1. Test text content, sketches, and design options
  2. Measure product perception, and user satisfaction
  3. Test information architecture, landing pages and web pages
  4. Evaluate quality of advertising and pricing models

1 A stimulus image is shown to the respondent for a short period of time as is in real life. After that, no longer seeing the image, the respondent answers the test questions.

2 The stimulus, usually a new design of a website or product, is shown to the respondents and click maps are recorded.

Diary research

What you test: Desktop websites  Mobile websites Android apps

For studying real and non-simulated user behavior, revealing real-life scenarios and motivation.

Our diary application records the screen, sound, and stream from the respondent’s camera during natural interaction with the product. From time to time the app suggests taking a survey. Videos are automatically uploaded to the server for analysis.

Privacy first. You can set up a specific time for recording, let’s say from 19:00 to 21:00, and decide what exactly is to be recorded, i.e., a single app or a specific website.

It is the best approach if you want to:

  1. Study the change of habits of your users
  2. Understand the product in its dynamics
  3. Analyze and improve lifestyle products such as media, wellness products and so on
  4. Predict the impact of major redesign

Best practice cases

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Powerful platform for UX research

  1. Qualitative and quantitative data from single research
  2. Unlimited UX-tests and surveys
  3. All research and insights in one system
  4. Research competing products and analyze their UX
  5. SUM and SuperQ usability indices calculation
  6. Reuse your own research templates
  7. Emotions tracking through the frontal or web camera beta  
  8. Eye tracking based on device camera beta
  1. Export to Word, Excel, CSV formats
  2. Install Senso on your own server
  3. Automatic voice to text conversion beta
  4. Integration with your company’s systems via API (for example, with SAP)
  5. It works in 13 languages: la plataforma funciona en español, a plataforma funciona em português and more
  6. Extensive role access policies
  7. Fast perception tests

Who is our usability service for?

Senso is the ideal solution for:

  • Product and customer experience managers
  • Digital managers
  • Sales directors
  • Marketers
  • UX researchers and analysts
  • Development teams
  • Executives
  • UX designers
  • HR managers
  • And  for all those who work with digital products and who investigate clients’ behavior and habits.

What do you get as a result?

You will see improvement of your business KPIs related to digital products and customer experience, such as:

  • Increase in conversions
  • Increase in average bill
  • Increase in recurrent sales
  • LTV growth
  • Increase in customers’ loyalty
  • Saving money on product support
  • Reducing customer churn
  • Increase in NPS and virality of products.

According to McKinsey, the turnover of companies investing in UX grows 32% faster than the turnover of companies not doing so.

The ROI derived from introducing research in the business processes of client companies is 500—10000%, according to Forrester.

And on the report of Nielsen Norman Group, research and implementation of the suggested improvements lead to an increase in the conversion rate up to 200%.

Where to find test participants?

Invite your users to join a UX research (free and unlimited), or invite participants from a pool of 20 mln people from around the world.

These online panels fully meet ESOMAR guidelines.

Whatever the needs, we will help you to find participants that suit your requirements: ordinary people, doctors, owners of small and medium-sized businesses, car drivers, top managers, IT professionals etc.

How to get started?

Get a free Senso trial (your first research on us) or request a free demonstration. After that you can choose the most convenient pricing plan and start researching on the scale. As soon as you start, we will:

  • Conduct a UX-research training session for your team
  • Provide training materials and research
  • Assist with your first tests, draw up a research plan, teach how to formulate a hypothesis and prepare a scenario, how to create a report and present the research results

Plus, you will have access to a dedicated support manager and analysts from our usability lab, who will help with emerging issues, consult and accompany you through the whole process.

Check how to create your own research – download instructions for the Senso UX Platform here:

Additional services

UX/CX audit
and consulting
We can outsource for you our UX-analysts, or you can order a full consulting project
Corporate training
Training course in user experience research
Participants search and recruitment
Helpful if you don’t have your own users or customers to perform tests

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