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Training course in user experience research

Demand for UX-researchers is growing  in the IT industry

  • For a business, this means that hiring a skilled UX specialist is long, expensive and often impossible.
  • For an employee with expertise as a researcher, this translates into high demand in the market.

After taking our course you will be able to independently plan and carry out UX research. You will learn how to perform:

• Moderated usability tests
• Unmoderated usability tests

• In-depth interviews

• ‘First perception’ tests

• First click tests

• 5-min tests

• Surveys etc.

You will learn how to:

  • Prioritize testing in order to achieve the best business outcomes.
  • Choose the right research method and select the most suitable participants.
  • Present the results of the research to your team and have them put into practice.

Extremely practical course

The training includes a theoretical part, but the emphasis is on the practice of conducting the tests. Every student will prepare and conduct tests and regularly receive feedback from our teachers. The practical activity is done on examples taken from the training course and from the student’s work tasks, so to get real benefits and learn the maximum number of methods for the research.


An exam at the end of the course will test the acquired knowledge, both theoretical and practical. The students will be asked to complete research tasks and to analyze data.      

Сертификаты преподавателей
Certification of our teachers

Our leading teachers have enormous expertise as researchers, both on the client side and on the agency’s. We have trained over 500 professionals from big companies.

In addition to extensive theoretical knowledge in UX-research, as well as the ability to conduct your own UX-research, the students will also have access to:

  • Manuals, training materials and videos from the webinars
  • Knowledge base
  • Ongoing support
  • Certificate of completion of the course


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