UX/CX audit and consulting

All kinds of businesses are going more and more digital, with companies trying to improve the usability of their digital products and the customer experience they offer. Though not all companies can afford their own UX lab: so, what should you do?

We suggest you outsource our UX analysts or purchase an ongoing consulting

Our researchers, certified by the international companiesNNGroup and HFI, will help you with:

  • research objectives and their methods
  • formulation of hypotheses
  • choice of method and design of the experiment
  • defining target users to be recruited
  • guidelines for creating test materials (prototypes, graphics etc.)
  • programming tests and surveys in our platform
  • analysis of the research results
  • presentation of the results.

Consultation hours are already included in our tariff plans, but you can always request some extra hours if needed.

Full consulting project or turn-key research

Our researchers can carry out the entire research for you, from collecting the business requirements to presenting the results and giving you final recommendations. To start, all we need from you is:

  • To fill out a brief or answer our questions during a business interview
  • To give us access to the products or prototypes you want to test (when you require usability tests)
  • To agree on the research plan

However, all of this might not be necessary if you already have introductory notes in a format convenient for you or, let’s say if you have no idea where to start from: just contact us and we will help you formulate your research request.


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